Kernel hackers' guide to git

Updated 2007/12/23.

Simple, effective Web security: rename your files

Added 2007/01/13. In a world of massively distributed botnet scans, a very simple technique can be enormously effective against rootkits: rename your files.

'Expires' website speed boost

Added 2006/12/26. Delves into website caching, and one possible technique for speeding access to content that changes less frequently than most.

Linux: Why software RAID?

Added 2006/08/23. A list of issues to be used when comparing Linux hardware and software RAID.

Accelerating IPv6 adoption with Apache proxy server

Posted 2004/09/20. There exists a catch-22: the most popular web sites on the Internet don't have any incentive to switch to IPv6 until a large portion of their userbase is on IPv6, and their user base does not have a large incentive to switch to IPv6 until many of the popular Internet destinations support IPv6. My proposed solution is simple: Configure a proxy server that serves I Pv6 HTTP and FTP requests, passing those requests through to underlying IPv4-only servers that not have yet been transitioned to IPv6.

Painless Dynamic DNS part 2: configuring your DNS server

Posted 2004/09/03. Looking again at dynamic DNS (DDNS), we now turn to setting up dynamic DNS on your BIND named name server, discussing some of the available security policies, and providing some examples of use.

Linux kernel patch submission format

Posted 2004/08/31. Most Linux kernel submissions are merged into the kernel source code repository by script. These instructions describe the proper format for emailed kernel patch submissions, to ensure that submittors and maintainers waste a minimum amount of time on these details.

nsupdate: Painless Dynamic DNS

Posted 2004/08/27. Introduced in BIND version 8 and refined in BIND version 9, the nsupdate utility provides the system administrator or casual user with a quick and painless method of updating a DNS zone, adding or deleting any type of DNS record the name server supports. This article describes how to setup dynamic DNS, and provides some examples of use.

IPv6 on FC2 mini-HOWTO

Posted 2004/08/22. These instructions are for Fedora Core 1 or 2 users, and describe how to set up IPv6 automatically tunnelling (6to4) on an IPv4 network.

portable device drivers for linux kernel 2.4.x

(sometime in 2000) presentation given at linux expo-paris.