Accelerating IPv6 adoption with Apache proxy server

Posted 2004/09/20. There exists a catch-22: the most popular web sites on the Internet don't have any incentive to switch to IPv6 until a large portion of their userbase is on IPv6, and their user base does not have a large incentive to switch to IPv6 until many of the popular Internet destinations support IPv6.

My proposed solution is simple: Configure a proxy server that serves IPv6 HTTP and FTP requests, passing those requests through to underlying IPv4-only servers that not have yet been transitioned to IPv6.

IPv6 on Fedora Core mini-HOWTO

Posted 2004/08/22. These instructions are for Fedora Core 1 or 2 users, and describe how to set up IPv6 automatically tunnelling (6to4) on an IPv4 network.

IPv6 info page

A starting point for further IPv6 research and interest.