nfs version 4 server daemon

The goal of this project is to develop a NFS version 4 file server, to be used as a front-end for various NFS experiments and production projects.

Mile stone Goal Status
1 Fully compliant NFS v4 server, serving metadata and data stored entirely in RAM. 100% done
2 Use Berkeley DB4 as a transactional database, with POSIX local filesystem for bulk storage. 95% done
? Metadata replication and a distributed storage backend, possibly with the help of storaged. 0% done

Status: Alpha (95% of milestone #2 complete). 549 of 636 newpynfs tests succeed. Linux NFSv4 client successfully mounts, chown's, chmod's, and does basic read/write. Survives fsx with Linux NFSv4 client. OpenSolaris successfully mounts, also.

Git repo: link (browse)

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